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Integrity – Brown County Schools stands on the ideals of honesty and ethics and pledges to advance the development and engagement of citizens within society.Respect – Brown County Schools maintains the highest regard for the rights, abilities, and achievements of all members of the school community.Over-tweezed, silent film star-style, ‘90s-era eyebrows have made room for thicker, bolder brows.The way you do your eyebrows can change your entire face, so it’s only fitting we have the proper supplies to keep our brows well-maintained.If you are able to donate adult sized coats ranging from size small through XXL, please drop them off at the BCS administration office anytime between - until January 26.At this time, the need is only new or gently used/clean and warm coats in the sizes indicated above. Excellence – Brown County Schools commits to the highest standard of excellence for all.A special thanks to Waltman Construction for sponsoring the BCJHS “Student of the Month”. Cochran and her team at BCJHS is concerned that many of our BCJHS students don't have coats.Julia will be receiving a “Student of the Month” plaque compliments of Waltman Construction. Cochran, reached out to share some neat news that BCJHS students will be taking a very special field trip in the Morgan/Monroe State Forest on January 30. Therefore, BCJHS is hosting a coat drive to make sure that our boys and girls are warm, not just for this field trip, but for the rest of the winter season.

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Engaged – Brown County Schools offers a variety of opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom, that advance personal, academic, and extra-curricular development.Are you curious about how the scarf become the high-brow fashion accessory it is today?With origins dating back to ancient Egypt and Rome, the scarf has come a long way from its humble beginnings.Thinking and Problem Solving – Brown County Schools develops sophisticated critical thinking and problem-solving skills allowing all members to participate in our global society.) is dedicated to helping districts save money and operate at peak capacity by fulfilling all staffing needs.

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